Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Help Japan's Earthquake & Tsunami Victims

If you want to help survivors in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, please consider giving locally.

A friend and fellow blogsherpa from Lonley Planet, Todd of Todds Wanderings, has put together a list of local Japanese organizations who are trustworthy, have English donation pages and are on the ground working right now.  His list also includes globally known organizations like Oxfam and Habitat for Humanity.

Please vist Todd's page here and donate as you see fit...or pass it on to friends who may also be interested in giving even a small donation.

The Japanese people are facing a terrible crises, thanks in advance for any help you can afford.

& Todd

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tear Gas & Corruption in Gabon?

I have been out of Gabon for some time and I was just catching up on some recent news...

Police Use Tear Gas to Break up Gabon Protest
Gabon Opposition Leader Seeks UN Refuge

What?  Are you kidding me??? 

Apparently, the man who placed 3rd in the 2009 Presidential election in Gabon, Andre Mba Obame, declared himself to be the "true" president of Gabon.  He even announced a new cabinet.  He did this on January 26, 2011, a year and 1/2 after Presidential elections.